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Winter Tide & Winter Solstice Roller Blends~ Limited Quantity~

Winter Tide & Winter Solstice Roller Blends~ Limited Quantity~

Many are well familiar with Madame Aine's amazing roller blends, this is a seasonal release in limited quantity~ Descriptions in her own words are  noted below~



"Winter Tide is upon us as we turn our thoughts inwards as the days grow dark and the nights cold and peaceful. We look to the beauty of the Evergreens to keep us in remembrance of the resilience of Nature that now slumbers all around us. The scents of Pine, Juniper, Cedar now all dominate the cool forests as the decaying leaves of the Oak, Maple and Willows sleep. It is a time of abundance as we store what is needed to shelter and sustain us through the months of darkness ahead. It is also a time to share our love with family and friends, keeping each other in good health and company though storytelling and hearth Magic. Scents of evergreens, warm oak and allspice are embellished with a fresh Holly leaf from Ravenwyck gardens, a Rowan berry and Garnet & Peridot stones." 1/3 oz Roll On Bottle.




"The Winter Solstice is a time of Standstill. A place of solace and peace as the Dark Nights will give way to the Sun, the Lord of Light. We rejoice in the quietness as the Tide turns again allowing us to rest and rejuvenate for a time. This blend is scented with light evergreens, warm musk, wood smoke and a hint of honey to enchant you into the deep woods awaiting the Horned God, The Stag as he bows before the Triple Goddess and the new King is born. Oil is embellished with a fresh Holly leaf & Oak leaf from the from the Ravenwyck gardens and Clear Quartz and Howlite stones." 1/3 oz Roll On Bottle. Made by Madame Aine of The Witching Veil~


If shipping charges exceed actual shipping by more than $6, you will be credited back the difference in the day of shipment.


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