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Ingrid Kincaid, The "Rune Woman" Website 


Seer, Candice Rae

Candice Rae

Tarot Reader, Pendulum Readings & Consultant

Regina LaRocca (503) 285-4433

Shamanic Astrologer, Erik M. Roth

Rune Readings, Classes, Workshops

"The Rune Woman" Ingrid Kincaid (415) 652-3990

Shamanic Work, House Clearings & Magical Workings

Gonzalo Flores (503) 680-2387

Botanical Healing using Flower Essence, Aromatheray Blends, Herbs and more

Felicia Howe (323) 445-0828

Internationally Known Astrologer, Researcher, Teacher & Author

Judith Hill (503) 234-6633

Paranormal Investigator (entitity identification, clearing, recording & documentation)

Lyrus Knight

Lenormand & Tarot Readings

Maree Bento

Practitioner of the Healing and Mystical Arts.  Artist, card reader and the perpetual student as well as teacher. Libra Rising, Third House Sagittarius.

Reader using Tarot, Palm, Astrological Charts & Runes

Jodi Snyder (503) 720-2506

Pendulum Readings

Peggy Good (208) 961-0618

Tea Charm & Tea Leaf Readings

Lynda Schumacher (971) 236-5515 or

Geomancy Readings, Tarot Readings, Teacher, Researcher...

Geomancer, Tarot Reader, Teacher, Researcher...Kiyan Fox

Animal Psychic & Animal Communicator

Elise Sterling (503) 539-0064

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