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The Occult I Ching, Secret Language of Serpents- Book by Maja D' Aoust

The Occult I Ching, Secret Language of Serpents- Book by Maja D' Aoust

I purchased this book to learn more about the author's connection to the Serpent... I was not dissapointed. An exceptional book and most exceptional introduction. I was able to find connetions to my study of not just the serpent but also the Runes. I Ching (similar to Geomancy) is a binary type divination. We live in a binary system. Such forms of divination are not only the most ancient but in my opinion, the most accurate.  


"An illustrated guide to the occult history, serpent magic, and practical application of the I Ching 

• Reveals how the sacred language of the original eight trigrams of the I Ching was discovered by a wisdom serpent known as Fu Xi 

• Explores how the I Ching formed the basis of the earliest Taoist philosophies, its complex correlation with human DNA, and its relationship with artificial intelligence 

• Provides new contemporary analysis of each of the 64 hexagrams, their changing lines, and archetypes of the I Ching 

• Includes original artwork highlighting the serpent magic within the system and tools to help you interpret the I Ching based on your own individual experience 

One of the oldest books in the world, the I Ching has been used in China for millennia to open a dialogue with divinity, gain insight and wisdom, and pull aside the curtain of reality to reveal the light of the heavens. Yet, despite its popularity over thousands of years, few understand its mysterious origins, symbolism, or occult connections."



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