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Gods of Time are Dead
  • The Gods of Time Are Dead- a signed book of Poetry by Ada Pambroke

    I am very excited to be able to offer Ada Pembroke's recently released book of poetry. She is an astrologer, narrative astrologer, a poet, and now an author (among many other things). She also calls the NW her home. This book is not a focus on astrology but something much more personal and deeper. Her words arouse a distant yet present familiarity within me as she bridges an intimacy between her book and my own voyage inward and beyond.  The poetic rhythm is beautifully penetrating, and the descriptive melody of words are infinite~



    "The Gods of Time Are Dead is a collection of narrative poetry inspired by the myth of Pygmalion. In the book, the creation becomes entangled in a war between gods that takes her across the Lost Ocean to the Timeless Country to find her true origin story."


    Shipping available or free pickup at INVOKE (select the pick up option at check out). I will combine on shipping if you are purchasing multiple items. If shipping charges exceed actual shipping by more than $6, you will be credited back the difference on the day of shipment.

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