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Rosarium Essential Oil Blends

Rosarium Essential Oil Blends

Comes in a 5ml dropper. May use oil to anoint body or sacred objects. May also be burned in an oil diffuser.


DIVINATION: Use for increasing divination skills, rending the veil and opening portals into other worlds. Aids in gnosis to access and attune ones self to a heightened state of awareness. Ingredients: Sandalwood, Yarrow, Juniper, Bay & Mastic


DRAGON'S BLOOD: Use to increase the effectiveness of magical work, cleansing and protection. It is especially powerful when working in astral realms. Dragon’s Blood oil is effective in both offensive and defensive magick.**Many Dragon’s Blood Oils are made w/ scent chemicals. This oil is a pure extraction of the resin and has been lightly scented w/ an essential oil that was specifically selected to increase its power. It may also be used medicinally. This oil is made in the hour of Mars, on the Day of Mars. Ingredients: Sunflower Seed Oil, Dragon’s Blood, & Benzoin & Cinnamon.


EYE OF HORUS: The Eye of Horus is an Ancient Egyptian symbol of protection.  It is also known as the left eye of Horus, the ‘Moon’ Eye, where the right eye of Horus is known as the Eye of Ra, the ‘Sun’ eye.  This blend can be used as an offering to embody and attract prosperity, protection and healing.  It can also be used to enhance ones awareness through the senses.  To truly divine, or become the ‘all seeing eye’ one must be able to attune acute awareness to each of the senses. Ingredients: Frankincense & Myrrh, Fennel, Black Storax, Cinnamon, Carob, White Lotus (essential oils), Honey absolute &Wine.


HEKATE: Goddess of the Crossroads, keeper of the keys of the universe. Use to align self to the Goddess Hekate, in devotional work, or for assistance when making important decisions at the crossroads. Ingredients: Black Storax, Wormwood, Myrrh, Frankincense, Patchuli, Oakmoss, Willow


HERMAPHRODITE: The Divine Union of Hermes and Aphrodite ~ Potent love charm & aphrodisiac. Use to find truth in individual happiness, elevate spirits, and explore the union of love within and without. Ingredients: Benzoin, Anise Seed, Myrtle, Vervain


MANIFESTATION: Macrocosm earthed in the microcosm to initiate and materialize spiritual or material work. Ingredients: Frankincense, Jasmine, Lady’s Mantle, Blessed Thistle


PHOENIX: Firebird of rebirth and awakening— rising from the ashes. Fiery rebirth of true will.This phoenix is the archetypal bird in alchemy. The Phoenix bird builds its nest which at the same time is its funeral pyre, it rises, reborn, out of its own ashes, representing the alchemical process of death and rebirth.To embody and embrace the Phoenix reminds us of our ability to regenerate from within, and our power in transformation. Phoenix oil and incense is perfect to work with in times of transformation, rituals of death and rebirth, as well as the evocation or invocation of this being of power, for consecration, fire and purity.The oil is made from the historical/mythological ingredients the Phoenix used to build its nest, and is a perfect offering for attracting its virtues. Ingredients: Myrrh, Spiknard, Cinnamon


PIROWICA: Ardent Daemon of Enterprise—a kinetic generator of tangible manifestation in development of businesses, projects, tasks and ventures. The attributes that create her name are:Perfection,Integrity, Respect,Originality,Wit, Individual,Clout, and Allure. This blend is a manifestation of this godform. The oils selected are based off associations made from the different Sephiroth on the Tree of Life, each attribute corresponds to a sphere that best represents the word and uses scents attributed to each corresponding sephiroth and number. Ingredients: Sandalwood, Myrrh, Olibanum, Vanilla, Carnation, Cinnamon & Benzoin


SEKHMET: Fierce and passionate warrior and protectress! Egyptian goddess of the noontime sun. Use to invoke ardor or dispel unwanted energies. SA SEKHEM SAHU! Ingredients: Myrrh, Juniper, Rose, Bergamot, Clove


SUMMONING SPIRITS: Conjuration oil used for evoking spirits of past and present. Ingredients: Opoponax, Basil, Rosemary, Life Everlasting, Dittany of Crete, Damiana, & Fractionated Coconut Oil.


WITCH MOON: Contains the powerful essences of Lunar sensuality, open psychic sensors and invokes the mysteries of the primal witchmother found deep within the wilds of the woods under the light of the moon. Use for aligning with the Witch Mother, opening psychic pathways to access clairvoyance and magic. May be worked with to connect ritually to the moon and/or witchmother during any lunar phase. Ingredients: Camphor, Frankincense, Wormwood, Jasmine, Mugwort, Willow, & Sandalwood.


More information at Rosarium Blends.

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