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Psychic Shield & Mercury Retrograde ~Oil Blends

Psychic Shield & Mercury Retrograde ~Oil Blends

Hand-blended Oil Blends by Fallawake.  Made in small batches from specially selected quality botanicals, resins, and pure essential oils on the auspicious moon phase and sign for it's particular purpose. Each herb-packed bottle contains a crystal specifically chosen for the desired intentions of the oil, a base of jojoba oil. 


  • Mercury Retrograde~ Intended for times when things aren't moving along quite the way you want them to (not just during the retrogrades). This magickal blend of unblocking botanicals will help you get past the trying times, keep your mind clear, and set the stage for forward motion when Mercury changes course. Each herb-packed bottle contains a fluorite crystal - the crystal is for intellectual enhancement and correction of disorganized thinking. 


  • Psychic Shield~ Shielding from negativity and psychic pollution. Ideal for use when using forms of communication such as talking boards, connecting with those beyond the veil, divination work or shielding from negative events that have occurred. Blended from a multitude of protective botanicals including rue, vervain, vetiver, galangal, cinnamon, frankincense, myrrh, dragon's blood and more.  Each bottle contains a black tourmaline crystal to banish evil and negativity.


Shipping available or free pickup at INVOKE (select the pick up option at check out). I will combine on shipping. If shipping charges exceed actual shipping by more than $6, you will be credited back the difference in the day of shipment.


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