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Mystical Power of the PSALMS~Book by Nathaniel J. Harris

Mystical Power of the PSALMS~Book by Nathaniel J. Harris

An absolute favorite teacher, author & practitioner of mine, Nathaniel Harris. He has also played a pivitol role in exposing Satanic Ritual Abuse in his hometown of Bristol, England as well as bringing awareness to the U.S. and beyond. His history and expertise is QUITE expansive... Author of many books, Neuronomicon is a recently published one that is not just exceptional but very appropriate for our time (and available through INVOKE also). More about Nathaniel Harris CLICK HERE



Wise men throughout the generations have recognized the power of the Psalms to get results: from attracting love and wealth, to overcoming adversaries, to banishing the powers of evil. Yet these are not mere incantations, to be repaeated with an empty heart. Pay heed to these words, and follow their advice closely. To those who trust in the Lord, and who faithfully hold his precepts, great favours shall be granted.


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