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Custom Crafted Belly Dance Skirt with Belt ~Handmade
  • Custom Crafted Belly Dance Skirt with Belt ~Handmade

    This ensamble has GREAT spin!!! A beautiful set that I treasure but am ready to let go of. I performed in the skirt once, the belt a few times.  I chose the fabric (so very many yards) and paid a seamstress to sew it for me. The belt I made myself. Notice the genuine coins and metal tassels... Kuchi Tribe adornments... the yarn tassels on the belt have amazing movement and of course you could continue to add layers to this belt, the wasteband is sturdy. Easily adjustable at the waste but size suggestion is Medium to XXL. If you wanted to you could always add an extra tier of length at the top. 


    If shipping charges exceed actual shipping by more than $7, you will be credited back the difference on the day of shipment.

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