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Braille Rune Board &  Raised Tactile Rune Set ~Elder Futhark

Braille Rune Board & Raised Tactile Rune Set ~Elder Futhark

For blind or visually impaired Runesters. Price includes both the Braille Board and the Rune Set. I am so so excited to offer this set through the shop; and what an honor to have found a practioner and crafter who makes them~


Tactile Rased Braille Board (Elder Futhark)

5.5 inch wide by 8.7 inch tall acrylic board, with the Elder Futhark runic alphabet, engraved with each rune's name beside it in braille.


24 Tactile Cedar Rune Set (Elder Futhark)

"Each rune is notched to easily orient in the right direction for quick and easy interpretation. After engraving, I lightly hand sand each rune to remove any loose wood, and remove any char from the surface and seal the top surfaces for durability. 1" around, almost exactly the size of a U.S. quarter coin and 1/8th inch thick. Cut from aromatic cedar for a nice subtle scent."


Shipping available or free pickup at INVOKE (select the pick up option at check out). I will combine on shipping. If shipping charges exceed actual shipping by more than $6, you will be credited back the difference on the day of shipment.



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