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Viridis Genii Series 6, Vol 1 ~Book on Green Spirit & World of Plants

Viridis Genii Series 6, Vol 1 ~Book on Green Spirit & World of Plants

200 pages of unique and in depth knowledge... This book presents select titles from featured presenters at the 6th annual Viridis Genii Symposium, an exceptional herbal conference focusing on the ethnobotany of plant magic.


"The Viridis Genii is the green spirit, the intelligence and life force that is both hidden and revealed. It is the animating force of the wild wood and the depths of the sea. It shrouds us; it engulfs us with its veiled green mist that awakens the heartbeat that delivers fecundity to the earth, the very essence of life. It is the Green Gnosis one receives from their deep connection and communion with the genus loci.  Deep within these mysteries we find magic, we find myth, we find doorways, pathways, and keys, which allow us to enter the heavens and other worlds as well as guide us through the chthonic realms."  


Website for details on the annual Symposium 



VIRIDIS GENII: Explorations of the Green Arte~ SERIES 6 ~ Vol 1
Edited by Catamara Rosarium, Marcus McCoy & Kim Schwenk MLIS.

Within this volume you will find a rich selection of articles written by International Adepts and their voices sharing wisdom on plant magic, medicine and mysticism.


With contributions by leading authorities Paul Beyerl, Brandon Weston, Professor Charles Porterfield, Richard Spelker, Giulia Turolla,  Brita Wynn Dinsmore, Robert Allen Bartlett, and Jesse Hathaway Diaz. Featuring articles on the subjects of Ethnobotanical research, Ozark Medicine, Hoodoo Dusts and Powders, Magical Grimoire Inks, Italian Folk Magic, Shamanism, Plant Alchemy and Herbal lore of la Santisima Muerte.


Table of Contents: 

  • The World of Herbal Magick: A Meta-Analysis of Twentieth-Century Ethnobotanical Research
  • Cleanin’ the Blood
  • Ritual Emetics and Purgatives in Ozark Folk Healing
  • Goofer Dust
  • The History, Substance, and Use of the ‘Killing Powder’ of Southern Conjure
  • The Making of Magical Inks
  • Two Sticks And A Gold Ring: The use of plants in Northern Italy folk magic
  • The Garden of Death: An Herbal Lore of la Santisima Muerte
  • Western Cultural Denial of Plant Sentience and How Shamanic Cultures Interact with Plant Consciousness
  • On The Quintessence of Herbs and Methods to Obtain it



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