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Satyr & Vine ~Signed Maxine Miller Print

Satyr & Vine ~Signed Maxine Miller Print

Vine (Muin). Signed artwork by Portland's amazing Maxine Miller. Print is 11 x 17.  The coloring is very vibrant, this is my favorite print of Maxine's.


"The Vine has profound meaning like connection, friendship, strength and determination.  It is sacred to many cultures. Vine is especially sacred to the Ancient Celts. Druid lore places it with the other trees that comprise the ogham system of divination, where it's known as Muin translatd meaning neck. Vine's spiral growth pattern is symbolic of eternity and spiritual connection.  In the Druid persepctive, the vine earned its sybolism from its growth patterns.  They recognized the vine grows opportunisticially, and would dig in wherever feasible in order to gain a strong foothold to assure its own growth. The thorns of the vines are symbolic of defening or protecting ourselves when necessary.  In ancient Sumerian writings, the vine, especially the leaf, is s symbol for "life". The plant was a sacred icon for their Mother Goddess.  Essentially, the vine in this culture was a symbol of life.  Ancient Asian texts not the vine as the herb of life."


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