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Rune Casting Altar Cloths ~ Handcrafted on Rabbit Pelt
  • Rune Casting Altar Cloths ~ Handcrafted on Rabbit Pelt

    These personal Rabbit & Image cloths are individually hand crafted by transferring the image to the rabbit hide using a hand carved block~the hide is edged and trimmed to add to the strength and visual beauty of the cloth. Coloring of the fur will tend to be light to dark brown and measure about 13 x 16 inches. I personally love the Vegvisir image as it is the layout I tend to use when casting my Runes; I find the size of the blocked images ideal as they are scaled perfectly to the size of the hide.


    Image names are noted below as seen upper left to lower right  in the picture.


    • Web of Wyrd in Black
    • Odin & Ravens (sold out)
    • Web of Wyrd in Red
    • Vegvisir Red (main 1st image- with runes in picture)
    • Veldisagn Red (3rd image -no runes in picture)


    Notes below are from the creator/ artist, Mark Rögnvaldr Hansen of Raven's Galdr. 


    Alter cloths can be used for rituals, rune casting, altar pieces and to wrap / protect your ritual tools, and rune sets~

    Web of the Wyrd

    The Web of Wyrd—which is portrayed by the cross-hatching of nine lines—represents the web of fate and alludes to the idea that the Norns were “weavers of fate.” It has been said that the Web contains all the runes, which are letters in the runic alphabets used to write various Germanic languages.

    Odin & Ravens

    The beautiful artwork is based upon the decorative pre-Viking helmet plate found in the Vendel I grave, 7th century AD. In Swedish prehistory, the Vendel Period (c. 540–790) comes between the Migration Period and the Viking Age. The iconography might represent Odin, given the two ravens, the spear and the man on the horse. 


    Vegvisir Stave

    This design is modeled after the Vegvisir, as seen in the Huld Manuscript. 
    These galdrastafir (Icelandic Magical Staves) are said to help the user find his or her way by sea or land in harsh conditions, even when the road is not known.
    In modern esoteric use, the Vegvisir is often used in a more metaphoric sense to help the user find his or her way on their spiritual path. 


    Shipping available or free pickup at INVOKE (select the pick up option at check out). I will combine on shipping. If shipping charges exceed actual shipping by more than $6, you will be credited back the difference on the day of shipment.


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