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Apache Tear Obsidian ~protective~releasing grief & trauma & new beginnings

Apache Tear Obsidian ~protective~releasing grief & trauma & new beginnings

Often referred to as Apache Tears (a fallen drop of Obsidian), recognizeable by the shape and are typically found in the SW of the states.  Obsidian is good for protection of course but the Apache Tears are specifically known for assisting with great depression, generational trauma, grief or sadness. The shape brings additional comfort. 


More information on how to use, as well as a brief overview of the legend of the Apache Tear.


More information on stones for depression. (includes information on Apache Tear Obsidian)



Some of the characteristics Obsidian:

Obsidian is a volcanic glass. It is commonly used for grounding, protection and is masculine in nature. Good for the root chakra and first chakra.


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