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Mass of Baphomet -Book by Nathaniel Harris

Mass of Baphomet -Book by Nathaniel Harris

An absolute favorite teacher, author & practitioner of mine, Nathaniel Harris. He has also played a pivitol role in exposing Satanic Ritual Abuse in his hometown of Bristol, England as well as bringing awareness to the U.S. and beyond. His history and expertise is QUITE expansive... More about Nathaniel Harris CLICK HERE



There is far more to the Baphomet then mere idolatry; its angel–devil zoömorphic hermaphroditic idol, with its flaming torch between its horns, conceals the Illuminated formulae of the Beast and his Scarlet Woman. It is the symbol of those primordial power zones whose colour is blood red, and such mysteries as are served in Tantric rites of the black goddess Kali, whose talisman is blood and whose totem is the goat. Symbolising the conjunction in Capricorn of Yesod (Luna) and Tiphareth (Sol) ie the solar eclipse or black sun (Black Son, Antichrist), it is the harbinger of Apocalypse, Opening the Way to the Black Aeon, and the embodiment of the Left Hand Path.


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