2022 Moon Phase & Sign Lunar Calendar~ 11 x 17
  • 2022 Moon Phase & Sign Lunar Calendar~ 11 x 17

    2022 Moon Phase & Sign Calendar, I have these available in a frame as well at the shop~ easy size to frame and display; a beautiful presentation. 


    As detailed by the artist~


    "‪Like the changing of the tides, the moon causes us to ebb and flow. ‬Aligning to the rhythms of the moon can bring clarity into focus to serve the highest aspects of yourself. The lunar cycle, in conjunction with the astrological sign the moon is influenced by, will further understanding as to what and why you may be feeling a certain way. Integrating this knowledge amplifies the ability to manifest your desires and continue the healing journey.

    This calendar features a Moon Phase key which shows each of the moon’s phases and what they mean. New and Full Moons are labeled with the astrological sign the moon is in with an Astrological Sign key that outlines each sign’s energies. 

    The 2022 edition features a Daily Correspondences chart which includes the planet, energy, crystal, and herb/oil associated with each day of the week for quick referencing."  -Crafted by prthveeka.com


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