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Flying Wish Papers~Large 7 x 7
  • Flying Wish Papers~Large 7 x 7

    Wonderful fun and meaning, I think at some point everyone will have the Flying Wish Paper experience atleast once~ (yes great for indoor use, I worried about the ceiling in my home but was pleasantly supprised to know I could relax). This listing is for the 7x7 papers, here is a link to the small sized ones


    Includes: 50 pieces of Flying Wish Paper, 25 Wish Platforms and 5 pencils
    Pouch size: 7 x 7 x .25” (Wish Paper and Platforms are 3.75” square for all kits)


    "Think of a special wish and write it on the Flying Wish Paper.

    Shape your paper into a tube and place it on the Wish Platform. Light the top edge of the tube and watch it burn down in a small, beautiful a sudden last moment your wish lifts off the platform and rises to the sky~"


    Shipping available or free pickup at INVOKE (select the pick up option at check out). I will combine on shipping. If shipping charges exceed actual shipping by more than $6, you will be credited back the difference on the day of shipment.

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