Labradorite Custom Set of 33 Runes ~Engraved in Norwegian Labradorite
  • Labradorite Custom Set of 33 Runes ~Engraved in Norwegian Labradorite

    The Anglo Saxon, Elder Futhark & Northumbrian sets are all represented in this handcrafted set of 33 Runes; the third image shows you the Runes as they are depicted.


    I am so very very excited about this set (and the others I have received) as I have FINALLY found someone that handcrafts with quality craftsmanship, is a worker of the Runes and will do custom sets of the full 33. These are crafted in Belarus, bordered by Russia and the Ukraine.


    Made from Norwegian Labradorite holding a unique alluring blue iridescence, the Runes are cut into Labradorite and hand painted. Each tile measures approximately 1 x 3/4 and is very nicely weighted.  An Heirloom Quality Rune Set.

    Labradorite is a mystical stone that expands consciousness and gives access to the energies and secrets of the universe. This is a stone of esoteric knowledge, it facilitates and accelerates initiation into the unknown. This mineral pacifies the hyperactivity of the mind and strengthens the imagination, opens the mind to new ideas. Harmonizes analysis and rationality with internal intuitive knowledge.

    This set also coincides with Ingrid Kincaid's books "Lost Teachings of the Runes" and "The Runes Revealed"


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