Custom Elder Futhark Runes in Dice ~Engraved in Red Jasper
  • Custom Elder Futhark Runes in Dice ~Engraved in Red Jasper

    This is the 24 Elder Futhark in Dice. They feel phenominal when you roll them. The second image shows you the Runes as they are depicted.  Fantastic quality and feeling of depth, hand crafted by an artist & Rune worker in Belarus, bordered by Russia and the Ukraine. They are cut into the Jasper and are hand painted each measures approximately 20mm; they are very nicely weighted. Heirloom Quality.


    "Red Jasper is one of the most mysterious minerals. A powerful magic and healing is hidden behind external restraint. The durable red mineral has been used for centuries, as a material for weapons or tools as well as for embellishment & decoration. Seals, mosaics, talismans and amulets were made from Jasper. Another name for this mineral is "stone of justice". It was noticed that the red Jasper stone is able to resist any wrong that is happening at the moment, and even assist in preventing it. Meditation with this mineral helps you understand how to find the right path if you have already committed an unworthy act, it helps to bring you into balance and to 
    stabilize all the energy resources of the body.  It is also the stone of restraint for yourself at the right moment and to assist with making more thoughtful decisions."


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