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WORKSHOP: Sat 7/20/24 -Sigil Magic for Better Results 1:00-4:00

WORKSHOP: Sat 7/20/24 -Sigil Magic for Better Results 1:00-4:00

Sigil Magic for Better Results- a Class & Workshop

Being presented by Taylor Ellwood


WHEN: July 20th, Saturday  1:00-4:00
WHERE: Private Residence (within 7 minutes from historic downtown Silverton). Address provided upon registration.
COST:   $55


In this class Taylor Ellwood will share this experiences and teachings around sigil magic and show you how to get consistent results. He will share the foundational theory behind how sigils work and then show you how to create sigils using both classic methods as well as innovative artistic methods; he will also bring some examples of sigils.

Taylor will also discuss the different methods for charging, activating and releasing the sigils and explore how to do this work with single sigils or multiple sigils. He will also have you create a sigil in class and answer your questions as you go through the process of creating the sigils.



Taylor Ellwood (the magician) and Joanna Brook (the priestess) are the Brightheart Alchemists with 52 years of magical practice experience combined. We write magical books, offer divination consultations, and teach a wide variety of experiential classes. We are on the cutting edge of magical experimentation and regularly share our insights and practices at conferences, classes, and psychic fairs. When we're not involved in magical work, we relax by tending our garden, hanging out with our twin black cats, and playing games. For more information about us and our classes and consulting services, please visit


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