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"Banishing" Swedish Apothecary Incense ~Handcrafted by Trollkatt

"Banishing" Swedish Apothecary Incense ~Handcrafted by Trollkatt

Wesslunna Rokelse

The complex aroma evokes memories of Swedish cottages in the 1700s. This incense offers a deep cleanse to hearth and home - ideal for driving out negative energy, bad health, and malevolent spirits. The inclusion of lemon and lavender infuses this loose resin incense with the power to cut through heaviness and energetic discord, leaving space for clear senses. Can be burned on coals or in stove for best results. 25 g tin.


This incense is a reproduction of traditional Species Fumales incense, found in Pharmacopaeja Holmiensis Galeno-Chymica, published 1686. It was subsequently published in Pharmacopoea Suecica in 1775 and upon it’s 8th printing retitled Svenska Farmakopén in 1901. This recipe can be found in copies of Svenska Farmakopén until the 1930s. 


Made by Trollkatt~ "All our candles are hand poured and made in a purposeful rustic style. We feel this further communicates their lightly processed origin. They are designed this way with intention, and may include imperfections. That being said, we are confident they will all burn with perfection."


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