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INVOKE Storefront Closing Announcement

As many of you already know, I have been thinking about making changes with INVOKE for more than a year now. Open 5 years in Portland and almost 3 here in Silverton, I opted to nudge myself and the shop into something new before overlapping into an 8th year.


With that said, I recently decided not to renew my store space lease; the storefront will be closing in March, just a few months from now.  I don’t have a plan for the future of INVOKE, only ideas that buzz and swarm around my imagination waiting to take form. Some ideas include everything from a temple space for classes & events to taking INVOKE on the road... popping up at various markets to offer unique findings and sacred items. 


What I do know is that I will be putting a lot of newly dedicated time into advancing

the online shop while still carrying the most favored products & craftings and adding new ones. I will also continue to expand the “monthly” newsletters to include more links that I think might be interesting, educational and thought provoking.


I know most would have a plan before pulling the plug, I tend to pull plugs then figure it out as I go (makes room for more unexpected surprises and possibilities).  I have no doubt that the timing of this decision is the right one. Staying fluid, pro-active, and adaptive is important. With that said....  here is the tentative plan for those interested to know~ :)


The shop will remain INVOKE with little visual changes through December; then starting in January I will start gradually bringing INVOKE home; moving some of the key

elements into my home here in Silverton and bringing some random items from my

home to the shop to sell. About half of INVOKE’s furniture and items will be stored for potential future opportunities and much of the other items will be available for purchase around

mid-January throughout February. I will be posting many things on

Instagram that I won’t have time to list on the website.


Although the dismantling of such a sacred and personal space will be emotional for me on many levels, one of those emotions is excitement for something new for both myself and "INVOKE 3.0". I desire life change regularly and I am a bit overdue; without change calcification sets in.


Candice will continue doing readings on Saturdays for as long as she likes into March, and she will continue doing Skype readings as well. She can always be reached at:


I will remain open Fridays & Saturdays 1-6:00 (Candice doing readings on Saturdays) and will be popping open quite a bit more than usual over the next few months; I always update my hours on the website at (where you can also sign up for the newsletter) and on Instagram @invokepdx


Change can be challenging, but the new experiences and wisdom that comes from it can be exhilarating.  Thank you all for such wonderful support over the years, for teaching me so much, sharing such amazing stories, and being you.   -Kristie 12/11/23


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