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I have been studying the Runes for many years now, it is a slow deep seeping relationship. To isolate the relationship I have with them, each of them, into written or vocalized words is impossible. I have decided to share random thoughts on this website to INVOKE possibilities for others. It will take some intense time to capture all my past notes, thoughts, experiences and even ideas on their origin so I will not try to encapsulate it all but will start in with no beginning or ending, sharing my random thoughts.  My opinions change as I learn and grow, careful not to fall into a believe as a belief becomes fixed and that feels in opposition to what the Runes mean to me. Beliefs become stagnant.  It is my current strong opinion that they originate from a place of all potentiality, a dark place of womb. That the angles that create the geometry, the web of what is structured is older than human. 

The crossing of angles are sound and light, and from angles

of sound comes formed creation.