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1978 - 7/9/19

With much disappointment, sadness and frustration, as of 4/17/21, the link to Tracy's website and other sites she owned were taken down by the current author of the domains, many links that were once available on the web to Tracy's many interviews , writings and work,

have been removed. -Tracy cannot be silenced,  her voice, as already heard world wide, will live and move through humanity for eternity~ We love you Tracy, and miss you terribly. 

Tracy has hundreds of interviews and articles, below is a small sampling of her most recent work. Her family has been working to get her website back up and running, it does include a link for individuals to upload Tracy's Material as it is found (although some uploads may be difficult-still working out the kinks).  There is so many interviews and articles, it will take a consolidated effort to bring it back into one source. 

  • Clock Shavings

  • Genuflect

  • Baphomet : The Temple Mystery Unveiled

  • Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA

  • Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge

  • Solomon's Treasure: The Magic and Mystery of America's Money

  • The Merovingian Mythos and the Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau

  • Dead But Dreaming: The Great Old Ones of Lovecraftian Legend Reinterpreted as Atlantean Kings

  • The Cutting of the Orm: The Secret Calendar of the Priory of Sion

  • The Choice Vine: Mary Magdalene, the Sacred Whore, and the Benjamin Inheritance

  • The Judas Goat: The Substitution Theory of the Crucifixion

  • Hocus Pocus: The Magical Power of St. Peter